Telehealth enables patients to receive comprehensive care while circumventing traditional barriers such as stigma, geographic distance, and travel costs, and it is growing exponentially. Based on a telehealth foundation, VA’s National TeleCritical Care (TeleCC) Program expands on the traditional Intensive Care Unit, ensuring consistent and timely access to intensive care for acutely ill Veterans, whenever and wherever critical care services are required. This program is currently recognized as one of the largest TeleCC programs in the world (and it continues to grow)!

Keeping this complex and vital program up and running requires considerable technical expertise, innovation, and technology infrastructure to support it. In support of this effort, VHA’s HTM Tele Technology Division helps ensure that the needed technology and equipment is available, up-to-date, able to meet clinical requirements, and successfully deployed throughout all the Veterans Affairs Medical Centers (VAMCs) currently configured for TeleCC. This includes gathering technical requirements, site preparation, installation and implementation, system activation, maintenance, sustainment, cybersecurity, safety recalls, and technology refreshments.

Trilogy’s support team, comprised of subject matter experts who provide technical insights, communications specialists who deliver important program information and updates, and project managers who plan and execute tasks, provides the HTM Tele Technology Division with the critical services needed to effectively implement the TeleCC program nationwide.

In addition to providing ongoing technical support and planning management support, our team has:

  • Formalized the HTM TeleCC Workgroup, which meets monthly to discuss outstanding technical issues and make any necessary technical recommendations for the utilization and coordination of TeleCC technologies.
  • Built the HTM TeleCC SharePoint site, one of the main platforms HTM uses to share technical resources and information with the VAMCs.
  • Developed a variety of resources to improve implementation and foster information sharing, including:
    • Two major guidebooks that provide extensive technical and sustainment information on TeleCC and define roles and responsibilities for different teams within TeleCC;
    • TeleCC Technology Education guides and videos to educate existing and new TeleCC users of the equipment and technology; and,
    • TeleCC Frequently Asked Questions and best practices resources to answer common TeleCC questions and provide guidelines.

Trilogy is proud to support the important work of the VA’s National TeleCC Program through our partnership with HTM. Click here to learn more about our work with the HTM TeleCritical Care and other important health initiatives within VA.