At a time when financial managers seek to leverage technology as the control mechanism to satisfy financial management requirements, Trilogy understands that no single technology or system can provide all the answers…

Trilogy strives to provide its clients with a flexible and comprehensive approach to financial management with the ultimate goal of fiscal compliance and audit readiness. The Trilogy approach starts with assessing the financial management solution and determining its effectiveness in capturing functional business requirements and meeting agency reporting requirements. Since our inception, we have assisted our federal partners in migrating to new financial management systems or enhancing existing systems to meet new requirements. Ultimately, success lies in the data, where Trilogy utilizes industry leading Business Intelligence and Business Performance Management tools to assess the overall effectiveness of financial business operations and to produce timely, reliable and value-added financial reporting.

Financial Management

We provide expert advice and guidance to ensure compliance with Federal regulations and reporting requirements. We have a proven track record of developing and monitoring internal controls, remediating financial audit and system issues, and providing the support needed for unqualified financial reporting. (more)

Systems Integration

Our professional staff has successfully completed system implementations for agencies of all sizes. Whether it is a full system development life cycle (SDLC) or a targeted modification to a larger integration project; we can meet your requirements and help you accomplish your system and organizational goals. (more)

Business Analytics

“Big Data” has the potential to provide layers of information that can profoundly enhance and transform the effectiveness of your organization; however, without proper analysis, and presentation, it can also overwhelm and lead you astray. Our approach focuses first on asking the right questions, then ensuring your data provides the right answers. (more)